The first art exhibition “Jian Zheng” unveiled at CityOn.Zhengzhou to showcase the aesthetics of urban development


Cultural celebrities gather at culture salon and participating members receive gifts
(July 22, 2018, Zhengzhou) The First City Magazine Art Exhibition “Jian Zheng” has been officially unveiled at CityOn.Zhengzhou Shopping Center today. The art exhibition is presented by ZhengZhou Talk and Jian Ye Magazine, together with Cityon.Zhengshou Shopping Center. From the perspective of the city and local businesses, the art exhibition explores the in-depth culture and history of Zhengzhou, focusing on local consumers who love the arts and history, to discover and appreciate the aesthetics of urban development. One of the highlights of opening ceremony was a cultural forum attended by influential writers and KOLs, held in the southwest atrium on the ground floor of CityOn.Zhengzhou at 2 pm.

The cultural celebrities present at the cultural forum include ZhengZhou Talk’s Publisher and Chief Editor Li Qinghan, Jian Ye Magazine’s Chief Editor Song Xingran, Du Junli, a scholar and author of ‘Details of History, Delights from History and Modern Journey’, Wang Zhengqiang, Founder of Hongwen Design and Wenxingnuode Design, and freelance writer Yang Liu. Current topics such as “Two Magazines and Temperature of An Era”, “Value of Print Media and Reading in the Era of Internet” and “Liberal Art Activities and Urban Aesthetic Trend” were discussed. The guests and attendees engaged in active interactions with lively discussions.