A New record! 45 more customer service updated at CityOn, building another benchmark for shopping malls.


Customer service offering at Service Center of CityOn updates! CityOn, developed and run by Taubman Asian (Symbol: TCO) and Wangfujing, updated customer service at Xi'an and Zhengzhou. 45 brand-new customized service establishes another record in quantity and quality of customer service. This update attracts extensive attention from customers and other malls.

1. Customized service at different floor, building convenient shopping environment

CityOn insists that offering customized service to customers at different levels. For families with kids, in addition to enjoying Nursey Room with highest standard, officially recognized by the United Nations Children's Fund for Women and Children (UNIFEM), CityOn also prepares cribs, baby bedding, child hand sanitizer, mother-and-child scales. Mothers with infants in toddlers can use diaper pads, diapering and warm milking equipment free of charge. At CityOn, mothers rent three Walk-Arounds suitable for babies at different age, strollers, scooters and troddler stroller. At CityOn, customers shop while caring for kids.

For office ladies, CityOn prepares pink female parking space, and sweet bags including sewing kit and feminine care. CityOn takes female customers' needs into account.

For businessmen and tourists, CityOn launches the one-stop business&travel service, including picking-up machine, check-in equipment, selfie-taking equipment, storage service for suitcases, lounge area, chargers, and etc.

CityOn prepares fist-aid box, wheelchairs, free hot water and other considerate service for elderly or consumers with physical limitations.