" 2020 | Mouse to You" show on CityOn this winter Theme exhibition presents the “Yu”culture with Mickey and Minnie invite you to celebrate the Mouse New Year

CityOn March 4, 2021

On December 21, 2019, CityOn (Zhengzhou) Shopping Center brought a global classic super IP to central China, combined with the most original "Yu" culture to create the "2020 | Your Mouse" CityOn New Year Event. Presented a special new year festival of the Rat for Consumers in Zhengzhou and even the entire central China!

Disney Mickey's New Year's costumes, five interactive scenes invite you to play for fun

In this theme exhibition of Disney's "Mouse", the international Characters and the traditional Chinese New Year elements will be merged in the CityOn New Year's Event. Disney's Mickey and Minnie will be the main focus of five interesting interactive experience areas. This classic visual presentation will not only satisfy the Disney fans in Zhengzhou, but also provide an excellent place to take photos in the Spring Festival of Zhengzhou. In the creation of the scene, besides the image of Mickey, each area also incorporates the elements of Henan Non-Material Cultural Heritage including Henan woodblock New Year pictures, Bianjing lanterns, and Huaiyang mud dogs, presents amazing carnival to consumers through exquisite craftsmanship.  A new innovative visual display of the "rat" will surprise you in this New Year Carnival. The main activity area on the first floor of CityOn is set with a 4-meter-high Mickey Minnie stands for welcoming arch, and a long picture scroll with Mickey's blessing is printed. At the blessing Hall of "Signing on QILE", consumers can scan the QR code to ask for a blessing, acknowledge their luck of new year and forward gifts to their friends. In the woodblock area, consumers can participate in the customization and take the special edition of the Mickey Woodcut New Year's Picture of CityOn with the receipt of 399 yuan or above. The CityOn grand stage that incorporates Mickey's classic elements will also present a series of fantastic shows. On the night of the opening ceremony on December 21, there will be performances by the troupe from California / Paris / Hong Kong / Shanghai and Yu Opera, which represents the cultural characteristics of Central China, will be staged in sequence. Besides, there is an official Disney flash sale store in Lianlang District, which collects 26 Mickey's classic New Year's custom gifts including dolls, New Year's red envelopes, stationery, knitting accessories, etc. waiting for customers to buy.

Masters attended the opening ceremony, and there is also a New Year promotion member event in CityOn worth looking forward to

An opening ceremony with the theme of "2020 | Your Mouse" will be officially held on December 21. Activities such as lighting up fantastic dream performances, marvelous New Year's Eve celebrations, and the blessing of the New Year's Rat will make everyone happy. It is worth mentioning that on the day of the opening on December 21, at the moment of introducing Disney, the international Classic IP, to Zhengzhou for the first time in CityOn, Master Ren Helin, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage and the founding director of the Kaifeng New Year Museum will come to the scene in person and will bring a custom-made Disney woodblock New Year picture, together with the consumers on the scene to make a blessing to the New Year.

During the event, CityOn Zhengzhou Shopping Center also prepared a series of membership and promotional activities to welcome customers. CityOn Gold and Black Card members can enjoy free parking for the first time every day for 2 hours. Members' shopping points can also be exchanged for a variety of gifts including 4 / 5 / 6 Yuan parking coupons and Oscar free movie coupons. Online voucher, small program lottery to win Dyson hair dryer, MAC lipstick, and offline salon-crystal ball player activities. In addition, CityOn will also join Bank of Communications, Construction Bank, and Central Plains Bank to bring benefits to consumers. From now until December 31, you can purchase a 60 yuan group and 100 yuan food and beverage voucher through the Bank of Communications Pay App. From Friday to Sunday, when you spend 100 yuan, you will receive a 50 yuan discount; through the platform of the Central Bank [food shopping map] applet Purchase can enjoy 50% discount for dining in CityOn. From December 20 to December 22, when you arrive at CityOn, you can purchase a retail bank voucher of 50 yuan and 100 yuan from CCB. At the same time, the major merchants of CityOn Zhengzhou Shopping Center have also come up with "rats" to your surprise. Uniqlo & Disney, the new cooperative sweater, sweet CP, starting from 199 yuan. DISNEY Mickey series, available in UR stores; Pandora, a new Disney Frozen jewelry series, new charm. From now until December 27, come to Toys R Us, and purchase a 499 yuan to send Aisha canvas bag, 999 yuan to buy a Princess Aisha dress, enjoy Disney "Frozen 2" new toys.

The 2020 "Mouse" is for you, the Disney Spring Festival Club of CityOn, invites you to welcome the new year, and light up the "wonderful" dreams in your heart.