The Disney Mickey theme exhibition "2020 | Mouse to You" kicks off CityOn New Year Carnival invites you to unlock the endless happy


Customers could see Mickey and Minnie and experience a New Year of Disney with "Yu" culture this winter without too much effort. On December 21, 2019, CityOn (Zhengzhou) shopping center brought Disney's classic characters as Mickey Mouse to Zhengzhou. Combining traditional Yu culture, presented a new year of "Mouse in Your 2020" Carnival for customers.

At 18:30 on the evening of December 21, Disney Mickey's "2020 | Mouse to You" theme exhibition was officially started, which opened the curtain of the 2020 New Year carnival in CityOn. The whole event was filled with the joyous atmosphere of Disney, Mickey and Minnie blessings everywhere, New Year's blessings representative of Henan culture, and the performances of Henan opera, which make the consumers impressed. Ren Helin, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage and the founding director of the Kaifeng New Year Museum, personally presented a Disney woodcut New Year's picture customized for this event. Moreover, Liu Xiangdong, General Manager of CityOn (Zhengzhou) Shopping Center and the project leaders and exhibitors jointly promoted the main control button of [CityOn New Year Carnival], this symbolizes joy and dreams and merges The Disney Mickey "2020 | Your Mouse" theme exhibition with "Yu" culture was lit up in an instant, presenting a wonderful visual feast for everyone, and also conveying blessings to Zhengzhou citizens. Representatives including Wangfujing Department Store, G-Super, Oscar Studios, etc. witnessed the lighting ceremony together with selected members of CityOn, local mainstream media and on-site