May 20th, Display Love In Public


CityOn confession house attracting amount of attention Creating strong romance to locals

Henan, China, May 20, 2017 – Last weekend, a publicly-recognized confession day, has seen a romantic campaign of confession with hundreds of couples in CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center. Sales and footfalls of that day generated another peak two month after the center’s grand opening.

On May 20th, the confession day, thousands of white roses covered the whole atrium on the 1st floor of CityOn and exquisite white wedding dressing were exhibited at corners. A confession house made with white quality steel, together with a plant wall make up the main stage, where  hundreds of couples confessed love to each other. Sweet confession words could also be seen on the large LED screen outside of CityOn, by which means to encourage more young people speak aloud about their sincere affection to their beloved.