The 4th anniversary of xidigang's "unthinkable e" Emoji? First exhibition in Central China


The 4th anniversary of xidigang's "unthinkable e"
Emoji? First exhibition in Central China

On March 16, 2021, the 4th anniversary Carnival of cityon xidigang (Zhengzhou) shopping center with the theme of "unthinkable e" officially opened. From March 16 to March 21, a series of exclusive discounts, theme activities and special services tailored for consumers in Zhengzhou and even the whole Central Plains will be launched one after another to open the annual carnival with consumers. As one of the highlights of the 4th anniversary carnival season of xidigang, on March 16, Zhengzhou, xidigang officially opened the world-famous Emoji? Themed IP exhibition. This is also the first appearance of Emoji in Central China, which has attracted much attention.

4 million coupons
This fourth anniversary shopping carnival, value-added promotional activities will become one of the most "unthinkable e" feedback content of xidigang. From March 16 to March 21, cityon xidigang (Zhengzhou) shopping center, together with major brands, launched a million dollar coupon subsidy. Consumers can panic buying 79 yuan to buy 100 yuan retail exclusive coupons and 59 yuan to buy 100 yuan food and beverage vouchers through Alipay search, Zhengzhou. With a shopping ticket from March 1 to March 21, consumers can participate in the surprise activity of winning the Emoji? Customized version of Wuling Hongguang Mini's red car in the lottery with a single ticket over 99 yuan. At the same time, during the celebration period, all brands in xidigang will launch exclusive store celebration activities. The selected costumes of the whole venue will be as low as 6.8% off, the preferential movie viewing price of Oscar Studios is 19.9 yuan, the maximum deduction of gold is 50 yuan, the beauty plan of Wangfujing Department store is 400 yuan for 500 yuan, and 300 yuan for 350 yuan. More than 200 brands in the venue will send out the biggest discount and surprise of xidigang Zhengzhou store in the whole year.

(consumption over 99 yuan, Moji tide, Wuling Hongguang mini)
In addition, xidigang will work with Bank of communications and China Merchants Bank to bring more food discounts to consumers. From now on to March 31, through the Bank of communications pay bar app, you can enjoy 5% off every Friday carnival, up to 200 yuan can be saved; through the China Merchants Bank credit card app, you can enjoy 33 yuan to buy 50 yuan food coupons, 66 yuan to buy 100 yuan food coupons.

The first exhibition of Emoji in Central China
In terms of activities, the most exciting event for consumers is the first exhibition of Emoji's theme "Carnival paradise of unthinkable e". From March 16 to June 6, this international superstar with the most popular facial expression among young people will meet consumers in Zhengzhou at xidigang. During the exhibition, xidigang built the shopping center into a multi-dimensional "emotional space" with Emoji? Expression pack as the element. Emoji? Can be seen at the entrance of all gates outside the stadium, in the rest areas and corridors inside the stadium.

(the first exhibition of Emoji in Central China)
This Emoji? Themed special exhibition has five interesting interactive experience areas hidden in it. In the Northeast hall on the first floor of xidigang, you can see the 5.5-meter-high tornado slide head-on, so that children can enjoy the pleasure of flying with the expression pack. How to play in this fantasy park is naturally inseparable from the emergence of the "fantasy train". Here, consumers can take their children to feel the wonder of the special train partners. When the flute sounds, they can arrive at cityon fantasy Park station. During the event, consumers can participate in the interaction of "good luck egg twisting machine" with a total of 299 yuan, and win mood theme badges, umbrellas and other good luck gifts in the egg twisting machine with Emoji? Expression pack, with a daily limit of 100. [mood collection wall], consumers press the buttons that match their mood, 88, 188, 288, each of which is a lucky number. In the northwest hall on the first floor of xidigang, there is a "happy energy station" waiting for consumers to experience. Ride an Emoji? Themed bicycle to fill up the happy energy, light up the Emoji? Themed device light, and give all kinds of exclusive gifts including mood theme badge and umbrella, with a daily limit of 100.

(tornado slide)
(rocking train)
(good luck egg twisting machine)
(Kaixin energy station)
In addition, every weekend during the event, consumers can get the Emoji? Exploration manual from the customer service desk on the first floor of xidigang. According to the manual, they can punch in at the designated new store and take photos to share the little red book. They can get a free mood theme badge and a 5 Yuan Oscar viewing coupon for any consumption in the store.
Brand cohesion, new upgrade
In terms of brand renewal, xidigang Zhengzhou has been continuously exploring consumer demand since its opening. In the post epidemic period, it has been continuously optimizing and upgrading to adapt to the new lifestyle of consumers. In this year's new anniversary, xidigang has introduced 54 new brands, including the first gap full category store in Zhengzhou, the first sprayground store in Zhengzhou, the first Sam Edleman store in Zhengzhou, the first jack & Jones ultra fashion store in Zhengzhou, and vigorously introduced LEGO authorized stores and Tesla brand experience stores, paying more attention to the quality of life services for family customers and fashionable women. At the same time, with the help of digital marketing and Alipay joint membership card, we introduced several new energy vehicle exhibition hall, including the Tesla brand experience shop, BYD city hall, etc., and joined the famous Korean IP-Kakao. Friends launched the first self portrait Hall of litaiyuan in Central China, and cooperated with China Mobile to launch the first 5g + XR urban complex in Zhengzhou, which will be the new upgrade of xidigang for the 4th anniversary, so as to build a smart and diversified xidigang style life experience center. After continuous innovation and efforts, many brands including Sephora xidigang store still ranked first in the province in 2020. On the night of the opening ceremony of this anniversary, Mr. Liu Xiangdong, general manager of cityon xidigang (Zhengzhou) shopping center, was Sephora, UNIQLO, Zhou Shengsheng, Jack Jones, taipingniao and the north Face, Greenland optimization, doulaofang, juncha, Dazhi Ruoyu xidigang shop presented cityon xidigang (Zhengzhou) shopping center with the honor medal of 2020 outstanding contribution award to thank all brands for their joint support.

As another result of the cooperation between taberman Asia and Wangfujing group, since its opening for four years, Zhengzhou, Xidi port, has handed over satisfactory answers at passenger flow, sales, membership growth and member contribution. With the repeated innovation in marketing and service, it has not only won the widespread recognition of consumers, but also become a high-quality shopping center in Henan market. 2020 During the year, it won the "2020 urban service Promotion Award of China shopping center industry" selected and awarded by the Development Committee of China shopping center. Meanwhile, Xidi port paid attention to the reputation of local market and won the "Shopping Center award loved by consumers in Henan commercial retail industry in 2020".

Cityon Xidi port (Zhengzhou) shopping center has been committed to providing customers with more fashionable and comfortable shopping environment and experience. Since its opening, Xidi port is the first shopping center in Central Plains to launch female parking spaces. Meanwhile, it has set up high-standard and professional service systems for consumers such as mother and baby room, electric vehicle charging pile and reverse car search system. In addition, it has deeply rooted in consumer demand, and jointly launched the first 5g+x urban complex in Central China by China Mobile and BYD to launch the first BYD new in Central China Energy city exhibition hall and South Korea famous IP kakao friends jointly launched the first self-made Museum of Litai Academy in Central China. In 2021, we will continue to cultivate the user experience, deepen the female and family consumer groups, introduce more fashionable brands and innovation activities, enable the commerce with technology, meet the personalized needs of more consumers, and create a good quality life for Zhengzhou and even the whole Central Plains consumers.
On the shopping center of cityon Xidi port (Zhengzhou)
Cityon xidigang (Zhengzhou) shopping center is located at No.15, agricultural East Road, Zhengdong New District. The project is jointly built by taberman Asia and Wangfujing Group Co., Ltd. with a total floor of 6 floors, and the main store is Wangfujing Department store. The total rental area of the shopping center is 94000 square meters, bringing together nearly 200 brands, including fast fashion brands, well-known designers and life brands at home and abroad. Cityon Xidi port (Zhengzhou) shopping center has three atriums, and regularly launches various activities in the holidays, which are novel, fashionable, suitable for young and family customers. Currently, there are 1700 parking spaces, women's exclusive parking spaces, reverse search systems and standard mother and baby rooms. The shopping center of cityon xidiagang (Zhengzhou) is located in the core of Zhengdong New Area, and is a new commercial landmark in Zhengzhou and even the whole Central Plains. For more information about cityon Xidi port (Zhengzhou) shopping center, please visit the company's website:
On Talbot Asia
Taberman Asia is a subsidiary of Talbot Mall (New York Stock Exchange Stock Code: TCO), a leading developer and operator of American shopping centers and shopping center industry. As a platform for Talbot to expand the market in China and South Korea, Talbot Asia, with its strong planning and design and management capabilities, is committed to operating, managing and leasing high-quality and sustainable retail real estate projects in the local area, thus improving consumer satisfaction and brand value. For more information about Talbot Asia, please visit the company's website:
About Wangfujing Group Co., Ltd
Wangfujing group was born in 1955 in Wangfujing Street, the commercial place of China, and has gone through 60 years. In 60 years, Wang Fujing group has never forgotten its original heart, set up the banner of business model with the spirit of "one fire", and transform from traditional department stores to modern retail group, and always lead the development of China's retail industry. Currently, Wangfujing group has a sales network covering seven major economic zones in China, and has opened 50 large retail stores, covering a variety of retail formats, including department stores, shopping centers, outlets, etc., with an area of nearly 2 million square meters.