CityOn.Zhengzhou introduces Cool Play Fair, welcomes second season of Mini Theater


City battles of Honor of Kings to be launched

During the one-week National Day holiday, CityOn.Zhengzhou Shopping Center will launch the “Cool Play Fair” family-themed cultural arts festival, covering handmade items, food and arts painting. Through a combination of basic handmade arts and different theme exhibitions, the event aims to attract outstanding original artists spanning music, food, leather, wood, cloth, sketch and carving. Children recruited during the first season of Mini Theater will be provided the chance to perform at the opening play in the second season. In the meanwhile, CityOn.Zhengzhou will unfold city battles of popular mobile game Honor of Kings, delivering passions for e-sports. Various activities will be held to welcome the start of October.

The handmade arts fair features woodwork and pottery works, along with exhibitions of ukulele and African drums. Consumers can not only appreciate all exhibited items, but also purchase their favored items or try to make them in “Lu Ban Workshop”. The exhibitions of ukulele and African drums also set up sections for music performances, music lessons and scratch.

The food section is divided into flower arrangements, food showcase, food tasting and food lessons. In addition to all kinds of delicious food and floriculture, an interactive area for desserts DIY including chocolate, Macaron, Tiramisu is also set up. Consumers will be able to taste pour-over coffee and craft beers. In addition, CityOn.Zhengzhou will launch snow-skin mooncake making lessons to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival; consumers can hand make mooncakes and bring back to share with their families.

In September, the country’s “community-centered” Mini Theater was unveiled at CityOn.Zhengzhou, gaining popularity in the community. CityOn.Zhengzhou innovatively introduces the concept of “community”, extends the culture-sharing attributes of the shopping center and enriches people’s lives in the surrounding communities. In the second season, two children’s dramas Magic Castle Adventure 1 & 2 will be launched on October 14 and October 21, respectively, followed by a session every Sunday to study robots and programming tools, such as Scratch and blocky, under the show Toot Science. Directed and Starred by Beijing-based magician Sun Zheng, the drama series are China’s first Mini Theater magic show, aiming to create “family themed” magic shows, allowing parents and children to learn things and delivering the meaning of education through magic tricks. It is worth mentioning that three children actors recruited during the first season will be able to play roles in a children’s drama The Tiger King Needs A Teeth Extraction and perform at the Mini Theater stage.

As an extension of “Cool Play”, CityOn.Zhengzhou is also authorized by Tencent Games to host the city battles of Honor of Kings on October 7 and October 8. Players can register for the event through the event sponsor Lenovo 4S at CityOn and designated WeChat platform, experiencing the charm behind e-sports. During this period, CityOn.Xi’an and CityOn.Zhengzhou will both host the city battles in two places, bringing fun to consumers in Xi’an and Zhengzhou.

CityOn.Zhengzhou officially opened on March 16, 2017 and achieved 100 percent rental rate within a short span of 100 days. The shopping center is jointly developed by Taubman Asia, subsidiary of US mall operator Taubman Centers, and Wangfujing Group, one of China’s largest department store chains. CityOn.Zhengzhou is positioned as a one-stop, international-standard shopping center. CityOn.Zhengzhou will continue to offer a series of innovative and first-to-market events in Zhengzhou, through both online and offline communication channels, so as to enrich the cultural life of Zhengzhou and central China and turn CityOn into modern regional landmark.