CityOn.Zhengzhou Leads the New Model of Spring Outing in Zhengzhou


(Zhengzhou, May 4, 2018 ) CityOn.Zhengzhou has planneda series of activities related to spring outing since April, including a SpringTea Party in partnership with Xiao Guan Tea, “CityOn Cup” Dahe Fashion KidCompetition by Dahe Daily, as well as nutrition and fitness packages providedby select catering tenants. At the same time, CityOn.Zhengzhou has introduced popup store Wooderful life, a Taiwan-based cultural & creative brand thatincorporates modern woodworking techniques into the aesthetics of life, providingparent-child interactive games and DIY activities. CityOn Members could also redeempoints for exclusive gifts offered by CityOn.Zhengzhou, including small cans ofspring tea, hand-made gifts from Wooderful life, Cozy Steps vouchers andSephora shopping cards and more. 

The Spring Tea Party organized by CityOn.Zhengzhouand Xiao Guan Tea had been unveiled on April 21. The brand, which combineswestern aesthetics and oriental tea philosophy, has been enthusiasticallyvisited and consulted by consumers in the local market. Xiao Guan Tea combines preciousraw material with master craftsmanship, aiming to create representative work ofChinese tea for consumers. The brand’s 8 kinds of tea , made by 8 tea masters,strictly follow the traditional craftsmanship. At CityOn.Zhengzhou, consumerscan embark on a tea culture journey while experiencing the cultural heritage ofChinese tea. They can also sit down and taste a cup of tea to feel the springseason. During the event, CityOn.Zhengzhou and Xiao Guan Tea jointly launched onlineinteractive games, through which consumers can register as members and get theopportunity to win Xiao Guan Tea coupons and porcelain cups.

This is the first time that Wooderful life hasentered in Henan province. Founded in 2012 in Taiwan, Wooderful life uses woodslegitimately cultivated in Europe, USA, Canada and New Zealand to makehandicrafts and daily necessities. At Wooderful life, you can see the naturalpatterns and colors of wood, exhibiting different characteristics with uniquedesign styles. Wooderful life implements a high rate of production process, andso effectively reduces wood waste. Its brand concept is demonstrated throughdifferent styles of logs and delivers natural happiness, which is in line withCityOn’s brand value. During the event day, the on-site display was creative,with wooden baby elephants, small squirrels, deer and other animals available,which attracted various consumers to watch and take pictures. Besides, parents couldplay board games with children and enjoy fun-filled activities.