Have a Modern and Fashion Chinese New Year in Zhengzhou!


How will you spend the Chinese New Year in Zhengzhou?

How will you spend the Chinese New Year inZhengzhou?

Purchase for the Spring Festival -amongcrowds?

Take delicious New Year’s Eve reunion dinnerwith families?

This year, you may have a modern ChineseNew Year with CityOn!


Thousandsof Wechat Red Envelops

Lukcy money is no longer the benefit forchildren only.

Play CityOn online games, seeking for andopening a festival red envelop.

Good luck and money are ready for you atthe same time!


DIYTraditional Paintings and Bring Good Luck Home


Painting traditional wood engravingpictures is

 no longer executive work for folk artists.

Come to different communities in Zhengzhou 

and DIY a beautiful wood engraving 

pictures with CityOn and get limited Festivalpackage for free!


WelcomeChinese New Year and CityOn Grand Opening

In CityOn, you will find more fashionproducts and larger trade mix.

On March 16th,2017, CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center will greet your visits!

Collectingfamous fashion brands at home and overseas, 

rich trade mix together with fastfashion, 

food & beverage and exciting entertainment facilities, 

CityOn isgoing to bring a new life to Zhengzhou!