Foodies’ Carnival x Flower Road| CityOn. Zhengzhou’s summer is in!


Everyone is supposed to have the pure pleasure, to break through the shackles of life.
At the end of this summer, CityOn. Zhengzhou aims to create pure pleasure for customers.

As one of the modern landmarks in Zhengzhou, CityOn holds Foodies’ Carnival and builds a flower road on Chinese Valentine’s Day to spread pure pleasure to everyone.
Let this August, this summer linger forever in your mind.

Hot Topic I
Pure Pleasure-Foodies’ Carnival
August 11, Foodies’ Carnival will be held at CityOn. Zhengzhou.
8 food courts, 30+ delicacy selections waiting for your random taste, free of charge!

No matter which type you prefer, soft drink, beef noodle, western-style food or Italian food, Foodies’ Carnival will satisfy your appetite to the most extent. 

Every place will be full of temptation from the tip of the tongue.
Bring you the irresistible taste buds.
Every corner is surrounded by good smells, sent forth by delicacies, attracting customers’ taste buds. 

In addition to delicacies, anchors of Sunshine Delicious Group are invited to have interactions, taking pictures together, having a web-cast tour and playing games.

Are you ready?
Come and join us in this Foodies’ Carnival, and enjoy double pure pleasure.

Hot Topic II
Pure Pleasure-Flower Road on Chinese Valentine’s Day
What is love like at a young age?
It's a flying ponytail, it’s a sweaty jersey, it's a sweet smile during the ten-minute break.