PINK&SWEET| Unique Chinese Valentine’s Day at CityOn


Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching.
Have you thought about how to bare your heart to your love?
CityOn’s Flower Road is prepared and waiting for witnessing your love on Qi Xi.

【Pink Love】 Sweet Space with Love & Sweetness
Every girl embraces love fantasy, which is sweet and pink.
To fulfill girls’ fantasies, CityOn decorates Flower Road to re-define love and sweetness.
Come to CityOn with your love fantasy to make it fulfilled.
Time: August 15-August 26

Sweet Space, an ins-style popular destination, is covered by pink and Macaroon color.
CityOn sets “Selfie Corners” that couples walk Flower Road together and create sweetest memories here.

Ice Cream Lab| Add Sweetness to Chinese Valentine’s Day

This lab not only sells ice creams, also creates exclusive memory for couples.
And taste buds will have maximum pleasure in Pink Space.

Flower Bazaar| Romantic Memory Lingering Here Forever
At Flower Bazaar, customers win the same boutique in TV series, Sweet Dreams, and autograph of Mr. Deng Lun.