Eight Power Stations for U Before Arriving at CityOn Space


Cold and heat succeed each other in the autumn.
Many customers bother with how to stay energetic in this special period.
It is heard that there are eight energy stations to keep you fully active at CityOn.

Station 1: “NenlüTea Space Station”
Benefit for CityOn’s space members:
The original price of 32 yuan drink, time special price of 9.9 yuan

Station 2: “Hey Sugar Space Station”
Snow Mango & Cheese Mango
CityOn’s members might take such two products at 15% discount.
This benefit is valid till September 30.

Station 3: Emotion of Tea Space Station
Power Equipment No. 1: Luoshen Litchi Oolong ¥19
Sweet lychees with crisp lime add luoshen petals, this ooloong combines aromas of fruit and tea to create a good look and nourishing taste.

Power Equipment No.2: Lemon Litchi Jasmine Tea ¥15
When the fresh lemons collide with fresh litchis at the bottom of tea
vitamins capture millions of space travelers.

Station 4: SIWUKE Space Station
Power Equipment: Strawberry Probiotics Tea ¥22
Perfect fusion of Calpis and strawberry gives the tip of tongue a sweet enjoyment.

Station 5: Royaltea Space Station
Power Equipment: Zang Zang Tea ¥16
Black sugar, pearls and milk create magic flavor.

Station 6: COCO Space Station
Power Equipment: Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea ¥14
The top good-looking milk tea must be created by Coco, which perfectly combines strawberry and milk.

Station 7: GONGCHA Space Station
Power Equipment: Panda Fruit Tea ¥18
Magic fusion of green tea and passion fruit plus self-made pearls create a refreshing taste.

Station 8: Hai Chi Lim Space Station
Power Equipment: Passion Fruit and Lemon Honey ¥14
Grapefruit and passion fruit surround the tip of tongue and replenish ample water for your space journey.

This space journey is about to end and arrive at CityOn space.
Although this space journey is full of unknown stuff, power supplement always keeps you warm.
May these inspired teas be the perfect companion for your trip to the CityOn space.