Fashion Arena || Tips on F/W Fashion


Winter is coming accompanied by a drop in temperature.
Girls must worry about how to keep warm while being fashionable.
Don’t worry, CityOn prepares multiple how-to-wear plans for fashion-seeking customers.

Tips for Modern Ladies
Coven Garden

Look 1
T-shirt+ Leather Skirt
Price: T-shirt 2,990RMB
Leather Skirt 3,990 RMB

The details of sleeves and front cover are sexy,
Skirts is classic A-cut looking so slim.

Look 2
Plaid Overcoat
Price: 3,990 RMB

The classic colorful houndstooth pattern will never go out of fashion, and the design of H-cut and lapel reflect terse and confident looks.

Look 3
Jeans Jacket
Price: 6,690 RMB

Lapel highlights your handsome and casual personality.
Meanwhile, tour body line, especially the neck part will be highly emphasized.
This is also a style will not go out of fashion.

Look 1

Light your dreary winter with a macaron coat
You are the most fashionable in the crowd

Look 2
Woolen Plaid Overcoat
Price: 1,499 RMB

Colliding Plaid Pattern with blended woolen fabric shows the playfulness of youth and adds more intense flavor.

Tips for Cool Girls
Look 1

Green Long-sleeve Jacket with Hood
Price: 349 RMB
A brightly colorful hooded jacket with a kangaroo pocket adds more girlish looks.
Handsome and agile, cool girls are going shopping to CityOn.

Look 2
Fashion Lapel PU Leather Jacket
Price: 269 RMB

With a jeans and short boots, you have the coolest look.

Look for Office Ladies

Look 1
Lace-belt Tweed Coat
Price: 1,990 RMB

Classic coat layout with elegant lace belt, Ochirly finds you a proper style at work place.

Look 2
Down Jacket with Hood
Price: 2,290 RMB

This down jacket has a light and breathable quality.
And the light, fluffy texture is a better way to decorate your face.
Bright colors make winter no more dull.

Look 1
Silhouette Overcoat
Price: 599 RMB (with discount)

Low-key earthy tone blends with the environment brings a lazy, gentle happiness.
Keep the whole style simple and free.
Look 2
Black Overcoat with a Black Strap
Price: 749 RMB (with discount)

Classic big lapel design highlights temperament, capable and unrestrained.
Stand out in the crowds.

When the autumn and winter fashion tide comes, get these fancy fashion tips for C-spot.
CityOn helps you win the F/W Arena!