Modern Christmas | Light up your Christmas dreams. The first four-camera mobile phone is waiting for you!


After the“Double 11”shopping carnival, what do we expect the most?
The Christmas, of course!
In this year, CityOn Zhengzhou still invites Santa Clause to send customers big surprises.
The most modern Christmas at CityOn is waiting for you!

Find your dreams a way under CityOn’s light, find yourself a sweet present at CityOn

CityOn Lighting Ceremony

When reindeer pull up sleighs and Christmas bells ring, Christmas trees representing hope and beauty shine on Saturday , 17 November 2018, 7:00 PM.
Add.: Northeast Hall, L1, CityOn. Zhengzhou
CityOn will be covered and surrounded by the resplendent starlight, come and feel for yourself.

CityOn’s Christmas Makes Your Dreams Come True
The CityOn members who spend up over 99 RMB and finished points-collection could obtain a wish card.
At the lighting ceremony on November 17, customers with wish card could attend the prize-drawing.
We prepared many surprises including:
The first four-camera mobile phone from Samsum (the first prize), DIOR J'adore perfume package (The second prize) and MI remote controlled plane (the third prize).
More prizes will be sent to participants from lighting ceremony.

Christmas Wishing Tree
CityOn invites you to make a Christmas wish.
Put it in mysterious Christmas stockings and hang it on the Christmas tree.
The wish card will increase the infinite possibility for the dream to come true!

Christmas Party Rocks the City
At Light Ceremony, Santa Claus will unite bunny girls and DJs to open a modern romantic Christmas journey.
Let us look forward to it.

Christmas Gift Box & Mini Christmas Tree Dance
Dancers in Christmas boxes, cute kids in Christmas trees, let us fully enjoy this Christmas dance and song.

Flair Bartending
Top bartenders will bring us a flair bartending show. Toast to Christmas! Toast to new year!

Stimulating Roulette
10 participants join the roulette challenge. If the needle points to Prize, you have your presents.
If he needle to Punishment, you have your presents after being punished.

You make a wish, CityOn helps make it happen.
This is a grand party welcoming everyone to join.
This is a party which will light CityOn up and update all your shopping experience.