Thankgiving Day | Let us host a year-end carnival for the support of Thanksgiving CityOn customers.


In our lives, will meet 8,263,563 persons, say hello to 39,778 of them, and make friends with 3,619 of them.
Every encounter is a surprise in our life.
On this Thanksgiving Day, Let us be thankful to everyday that we spend together.
Thank you, for every company when I am in the middle of a dilemma.
Thank you, for every smile that appears on your faces.
Thank you, for growing up with me.

This Thanksgiving Day, CityOn prepares four big thanksgiving surprises for our members.
1. Gifts with purchases
From now on until January 1st 2019, the CityOn members who spend up over 1,000 RMB and finished points-collection could redeem 2 movie tickets ( over 3,000 RMB on particular products).
From 17 November 2018 to 1 January 2019, the CityOn members who spend up over 2,000 RMB and finished points-collection on weekends and Thanksgiving Day will redeem a Christmas personalized gift (over 5,000 RMB on particular products).

2. Gift redemptions
1.Accumulate points at Serve Desk with receipts.
2.Subscribe CityOn, click “CityOn Member” and follow the instruction of “self-service points-accumulating”

Members’ salon
The CityOn members who spend up over 299 RMB or redeem with 299 points could be invited into this salon free of charge (limited, based on first come, first service).
Turkey cake DIY.
Time: 24-25 November 14:00-20:00

Christmas Cloud Light DIY
Date: 8 December-9 December 2018

Christmas tree DIY
Date: 15 December-16 December 2018

Gingerbread DIY.
Date: 22 December-23 December 2018

Christmas Manicure
Date: 25 December 2018
Make a block booking
Date: 31 December 2018

Free parking
CityOn members enjoy two-hour free parking time every day.
CityOn is really thankful for customers being with us, growing with us and chasing dreams with us.
Enjoy the exclusive benefits of modern CityOn members!