CityOn X Earth Hour: Read a Poem for your Love


Loneliness is not the only thing in the darkness.
Love could always be even without light.
At 19:00p.m., March 25, 2017, CityOn will hold a charity campaign in the theme of “Hear the World with Eyes Closed” for the Earth Hour 2017.
Several interesting activities are on the way.

1.Domino DIY

Get a domino in the pointed area and draw an eco-mark on it.
Give your domino to CityOn staff before 16:00p.m., who will place dominos one by one.
At 19:10, when the launch ceremony begins, you could countdown with other participants and witness the domino falling. Then, all the eco-drawings will be disclosed.

March 25th, 14:00:16:00
CityOn 1F, in front of forever 21

2.Reading a Poem for your Beloved in the Phone Booth

Do you want to read a sweet poem for your beloved in the special phone booth established in CityOn?
Now register from the “Earth Hour” article on our Wechat.
You will not only have chance to read for love but also get High Shopping Coupon Collection for Grand Opening and RMB 100 coupon of Spicy World.
Your poem reading will also be broadcasted on the FM99.9.

March 25th, 11:00-18:00

CityOn 1F, in front of forever 21

3.Hear the World with Eyes Closed

On the Earth Hour—19:00-20:00, March 25th, together with FM99.9, CityOn invites you to hear the world without light.
Unplugged folk music song will be performed;
A lucky family will be invited on the stage by our host from FM99.9 to read a poem for love;
Q&A with many prized will be organized as well.

Visit CityOn this weekend and spend a different Earth Hour full of love!