Limited Invitation to IKEA Children Drama at CityOn. Come Back to Childhood.

CityOn 2019.6.20

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Feel Nordic Style and Decoration at IKEA’s Summer Party
Time: Today - June 21
Add.: IKEA experience center, L1, CityOn. 
At IKEA, customers enjoy the authentic Swiss drinks and tradition dancing.

Little Red Riding Hood- Children Drama offered by VS
Time: 07:00 pm, June 22
Add.: Northeast Hall, L1, CityOn. 

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Summer Midnight Snack Must be Beer and Small Lobsters 
From today to June 30, BOC APP launches dinner coupons, buy coupon of 100 yuan with 60 yuan only.
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Fashion Icons’ Paradise
To the first scene of wedding proposal
There is a balloon ceremony telling you what sweet love is like.
June 23, let CityOn gives you the fashion romance.
2019 Zhongyuan International Fashion Week
Duration: June 21-June 25 
Venue: New Zhengdong District, New Development Sports Football Park
Fashion comes from culture and leads transformation of new life style in city.
Zhongyuan International Fashion Week unfolds the true appearance of Zhengzhou.

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