Want an adventure to the land of ice and snow? Check this one at CityOn.

CityOn July 4, 2019

How to cool off quickly in the high temperature?
How to take baby away from the hot and dry summer?
No need to go to the polar region of the earth, zero summer is within reach!
During 7.5-9.1, Antarctic Scientific Expedition brings customers cool at CityOn.

A cool travel experience to South pole

200-square super big world of ice and snow, free from UV interference
It is lucky that enjoying zero temperature without going out of the house 

All equipment is SGS certified, nontoxic and harmless
Give baby a healthy and safe space to play!

Multi-dimensional space to give a funny summer

Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, and enjoy the world of ice and snow
Polar bears, baby penguins and etc. you can take pictures with
3-meter-high slide, ocean pool, and science cabin waiting for your first-time experience

Acquire knowledge in fun time
There's also the Xianshan Dinosaur Exhibition Show to double your parent-kid time

Xianshan Dinosaur’s first exhibition in China

Shijiagou Xianshan Dinosaur and first Luan Chuan Dinosaur appear in the exhibition
that add joy to your parent-kid time.

Modern lifestyle is not limited to this
CityOn prepares Thailand food including seafood food
Have a taste

Grand opening of Thailand seafood hotpot

The most popular seafood hotpot in Thailand finally comes to China
Never travel so far to taste the hotpot
And MINICOOPER drivers group will be invited to have a try.

Learn from IKEA style

IKEA kitchen invites customers to feel IKEA style, simple and comfortable

This summer, you are not alone.
Come to CityOn and have a nice time