Finally, The Thailand Hotpot Opens its First Restaurant in Zhengzhou

CityOn July 11, 2019

Open on July 11
Thailand seafood hotpot is going to challenge your best dinning experience
And more benefits are avaible for first-time customers

This is the top 1 Thailand seafood hotpot in the Phuket Island, which agitated much attention after entering China
This time, CityOn gives customers the international flavor

Good place for taking pictures

Customers are surrounded with green plants like traveling in Thailand

Unique hotpot soup

Carassius auratus + Thai ginger, cooked carefully for 3 hours
Milk-white soup with rich and attractive color

Assorted Thai seafood

Scallops same as palms
Freash and aliveScylla crab 

And the waiter peels shrimp for you
Who can resist such temptation?
It's time to call friends

Get cost-effective discount

Pure Thai dishes satisfies taste buds

Curry Shrimps
Giant crab claws and body
After the wonderful baptism of Thai-style cooking
This taste stays in your heart

Bamboo Shrimps
Specifically recommend the "Bamboo Shrimp".
Crispy bamboo perfect blend with thick soup

Coconut Bowl
Coconut bowl with fresh coconut milk and fruit
Summer’s heat is gone

Unlimited snacks brings satisfaction

Except for fresh and attractive delicacies
More than 10 kinds of unlimited dessert food and 4 kinds of limited dessert are offered

Come to CityOn Thai Seafood Hotpot, and wscape from the hot and dry summer