Valentines’ Day and Chinese Fashion Creates New Romance at CityOn!

CityOn August 5, 2019

With thousands of years passing by, Chinese roman still influences modern couples.
This Valentines’ Day give customers a colorful memory lasting long in your heart.

Free Prize Draw for Couples

Time: August 7
Avenue: L1, CityOn
Customers who shop over 777 yuan will get an opportunity to the prize draw.

500-yuan Coupons Sent to Transactions over 1000 yuan

During August 1 to August 31, customers pay the bill on CMB APP and will get a 500-yuan coupon when shopping over 1000 yuan

Buy 100-yuan Coupon with only 45 yuan

As of today, customer could get 100-yuan coupon with 49.95 on Koubei, choosing the payment method, Everbright Credit Card

Free Shipping

Time: August 1 to September 15
Avenue: L1, CityOn
Customers purchase over 500 yuan will get a SF coupon of 12 yuan.

CityOn X Exclusive Lane

Time: 06:00pm-10:00pm, August 7
Free pickup and exclusive lane at CityOn

CityOn Paradise Shows Chinese Traditional Romance

Time: August 7
Avenue: L1, CityOn
Meet Chinese charm and experience national fashion

Audiences will see and hear the true love in CityOn’s dramas

Scan this QR code and record your love words, CityOn could print it onto a postal card as present.

Cloth Weaving Experience

Customers could experience cloth weaving free of charge showing the shopping receipt of 277 yuan.
This is an unique memory for your Chinese Valentines’ Day.

Tik Tok Support Your Love

Post your love video on Tik Tok with the tag Qixi Love, the blogger with top 3 most thumb-ups will get shopping coupons.

This Chinese Valentines’ Day, meet your love at CityOn