A detailed introduction to Chinese most beloved food, Hot Pot

CityOn November 21, 2019

No what it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, Chinese people fancy hot pot the most.
Especially in winter, hot pot always drives cold away and bring warmth back again.
Friendship always be improved in the hot pot time.
Every province has its featured hot pot, and today let us have a look at hot pot.

Little spicy and fresh sweet-Chaoshan Hot Pot

Dou Lao Fang

Soft, tender and smooth is tender meat, full of fat
Hand made beef balls and fried bean skin are so necessary for hot pot.

Chao A Niu

Chicken soup hot pot satisfies your picky taste buds
Collagen gets back a perfect skin

Sweet-smelling and spicy-Beijing Hot Pot

Hong Maozhai

The copper pot of cloisonne technology is not available anywhere
Match Yudong goat, thin as the paper, this is a total enjoyment in cold winter

Sweet and acid-Thailand Hot Pot

Thailand Seafood Hotpot is made by Carassius auratus and Thailand ginger
This is the most authentic Thailand hot pot in Zhengzhou.
Come and have a taste.

Nourishing stomach - Cantonese hot pot

Stewed chicken with pork tripe

Pepper combines chicken and pork tripe in the most proper way.

Sichuan fish pot

Jiu Guo Yi Tang-Fish Hot Pot

Jiu Guo Yi Tang adopts Chinese sauerkraut, the intangible cultural heritage,
And alive fish with spring.
The pot is served after 4-step soup and three boiling.

Resist anxiety with desire and replace loneliness with hotpot.
Even though the world is about departure.
Even if life goes up and down, we should continue to eat hot pot
After all, it's better to eat together than to live till the eternal.