Mr. Hu Ge is visiting to CityOn. Zhengzhou with his new film!


Not much time left for year 2019.
CityOn prepares a huge surprise for dear customers, especially for girls who like celebrities.
Wide Goose Lake now is on nationwide. Mr. Hu plays the leading actor and offers excellent performance.
Hu Ge and this movie’s fans could not miss this opportunity.

Which one is your favourite among Hu Ge’s roles? Li Xiaoyao, or Mei Changsu?
He actually creates classic roles and wins multiple performance awards.
This time, his role in Wide Goose Lake has another breakthrough.

This movie is about the leading character, Zhou Zelong, played by Hu Ge, gets through a self-salvation while struggling with his inner
Playing as Zhou Zelong, head of a car theft ring, Hu Ge escapes with a hefty reward while getting a self-salvation.

Then how to get a ticket to the fans-meeting?
Time: 03:50pm-04:10pm, December 9, 2019
Add.: Oscar Cinema, L5, CityOn

Another mysterious guest is visiting CityOn, let us guess who he is!
And this guest will lead you to the happiest paradise in this world.
Clue 1:
He has a perfect partner, also his girlfriend.

Clue 2:
He is never alone, and he has lots of friends.

Clue 3:
He has big ears, and likes wears big boots and white gloves.

December 21, come to CityOn with families, and enjoy the happiness together.