CityOn Cuisine and Music Carnival: A feast to your Tongue and Ears


What do you want to do on the May Day holiday? Why not visit CityOn and enjoy our three-day cuisine and music carnival?

What do you want to do on the May Day holiday?
Why not visit CityOn and enjoy our three-day cuisine and music carnival?

Cuisine Party 

From April 29th to May 1st, you can be a gourmet in CityOn special food court with your shopping receipt.

 Specialties from various restaurants in CityOn wait to surprise your tongue in surprising discounts.

 As a gourmet, your votes will decide the most popular restaurant in CityOn.


Have you heard about Molecular Gastronomy?

With receipt of over RMB 199 consumption,

 you can try the molecular gastronomy in CityOn on April 29th and April 30th (12:00-17:00).

 First come first served with limited quantity.

Music Carnival 

Music carnival will be performed on the evening of April 29th and April 30th (19:00-20:30),

 when you could listen to the music from Super Boy Wang Guangyun, Heilan band,

 Huhuan band, rapper Liu Zhen and could dance with the Hiphopgang.

Lottery Day 

On April, 29th, you could have one chance to draw a lottery if you have any consumption in CityOn. 

The result will be released at 19:00 that day, including 3 first prizes 

of plane tickets covering 1500-mile flight,

 3 second prized of car air purifier and 3 third prizes of Mini bluetooth speakers.


You could enjoy RMB 5 reduction for consumption over RMB 50 when pay with Alipay from April, 

29th to May, 1st.

 More surprise and delight waits your visit and finding this May Day holiday!