Don't know where to go on holiday? Come to CityOn on May 1 International Labor’s Day to enjoy shopping discounts (six shopping guides shown as below)


Six CityOn shopping guides helps you to have a joyful holiday!

Let customers enjoy shopping on holidays; Spend over ¥ 600 could get one ¥ 100 voucher (can be superimposed with Alipay voucher)

Members spend RMB 600 on the whole site (RMB 1,500 for special products) and get points,

You can get a 100 yuan voucher (including 1 50 yuan retail voucher + 1 50 yuan food voucher)

Money Saving Guide

From now on-May 5th, having meals at CityOn

There are up to 7 yuan taxi red envelopes for both round trips

Method 1 (Go to CityOn)

Using Koubei or Alipay APP search for "Golden Business Circle Travel"

Immediately enter the Gaode red envelope collection page

Collection method 2 (leave from CityOn)

Enter the Gaode app and set the starting point to

CityOn (Zhengzhou) Shopping Center

No need to receive red envelopes, you can enjoy discount immediately.

Trendy new clothes guide

Up to 50% off on selected clothes, stylish and refreshing spring and summer wardrobe

Becoming a fashionista with eye-catching accessories

Come to CityOn with friends to enjoy a gourmet feast