Eternal Love | Sweet & Romantic Gifts List for "520" Day

CityOn 05/20/2020

Eternal Love | Sweet & Romantic Gifts List for "520" Day



Summer is coming and love is all around, look at the posts below from our customers which were so sweet & romantic at this "520" Day.


1. Wearing couple costume with your mate on this "520" Day makes everything more meaningful~


2. Eternal Love


3. Enjoy shopping with your partner


4. "You are always not good at expressing love but I know you love me the most"


From now until May 29

Location: CityOn 1st Floor Sightseeing Escalator

# 520 JIAN ZHENG AI #The curtain of expressing love is prepared for lovers ~

Remember to bring your partner and come here to start a sweet dating.


Take a view at Special Discounts for "520" as shown below~


Discounts & Coupons for "520"



Gift list for "520"

Come with your love and enjoy honey time at CityOn