The Largest LEGO Authorized Store in Henan Province Opening Soon

CityOn July 2, 2020

The largest LEGO authorized store in Henan Province will open on July 4 at Wangfujing Department Store  CityOn(Zhengzhou)




For players who are new to LEGO

Surprise 1: ¥50 off when spending over ¥499

Surprise 2: The best couple of Disney


For players already familiar with LEGO



Surprise 1: Gifts & Discounts



Surprise 2: Gold Mecha of Monkey King


For experienced LEGO players



Surprise 1: The Largest Lego Store in Henan Province


Surprise 2: Chef Zhu Rake Car


Surprise 3: Lego Nostalgic Restaurant

Come and enjoy happy time with LEGO