An Evolution of Modern, a new Attitude about Modern!

CityOn 2016-12-5

CityOn will explain modern life.It will be a new destination where you cannot miss!
From the moment you encounter CityOn,
Your life will begin a new chapter.
From then on, you needn’t to live casually,
And your life will be changedinto a modern one.

With modern life evolution,
We will meet a surprising Zhengzhou.
CityOn will give new definition to your life here.

Your modern life will evolve.
Consumption constructs life,
But modern lifestyle is not only about consumption.

There are 6 modern styles guiding your life.


Fashion refers to modern lifestyle. The positioned lifestyle is trendy but not luxury. 

Light Art for the people

Light Art refers aesthetic taste of modern people. It stems from life, full of imagination and implication, which could spark your inspiration towards life and create resonance with ordinary people.

Light Interactive Technology

Light interactive technology is the modern communication ways

Attention to Details

Attention to detail is like modern service, which is widely recognized as 3”C” - “caring, clean and convenience”

Recycle / Energy Saving

Being eco-friendly is kind of modern value. CityOn encourages green ways of working and living, making sustained efforts to build a sound ecological system.

Step forward

Step forward refers to a type of modern vision. Modern vision means to step forward to modern life and keep abreast of global rhythms.

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CityOn will explain modern life.
It will be a new destination where you cannot miss!