@all, your May Day was contracted by Xiaoxi! E Have fun!

CityOn 2021-04-29

MayDay is coming

CityOn has prepared lots of activities for consumers.

Let's getinto the details quickly!

More than 60 brands will have a special offer.

 If you spend more than 500 yuan,

you will be given a 50 yuan coupon.

CityOnand Alipay co-launched a coupon which you only need to pay 59 yuan to buy somedelicious foods worth 100 yuan.

banks,such as Bank of Communications and China Merchants Bank, also have the samespecial offer. The details as follows:

Duringthis time, Wangfujing has many promotional campaign too.

Some activities about commercial tenant arevery attractive.

The premiere of emoji  in Central Plains of China, which has alwaysbeen very popular, will continue to be open.

In addition, CityOn also prepared a wealthof fun activities during the holiday,

 such as family sports, children's runwayshow, karate, hip-hop competition, and travel benefits.