CityOn’s 100 Day Celebration Gives You Different Experience!


100 days never seem too long if every day you could experience many interesting things. On the 100 day after CityOn.Zhengzhou Shopping Center’s grand opening, 
many wonderful events are worthy to recall. CityOn the 100 day celebration, we will provide you something different and give you more fun!
CityOn the 100 Day
Hundreds of life styles

You may say:I want to try different life styles
I wanna be the coolest mom in the world!

I wanna hang out with my best friend to find fancy things!

Also, I wanna have a sweet love with my dream lover!

In CityOn, find your dream life !
Interesting activities, delicate gifts as well as surprise gift money are waiting for you!

Magical Balloon Man Show

We will provide you something fantastic——magical balloon man show from Taiwan, one of the most creative and unbelievable performance.
Playing colorful balloons in dynamic music, you may feel like in a fairy world.

Time: June 24th & June 25th
More surprises will be prepared for you!

Classic Pantomime

It’s worth watching with your kids.
With you kids you can relive your childhood here.

June 24th & June 25th

More Interesting Activities

(1)Snatch red envelopes
You may be invited to join the party to snatch red envelopes
You may snatch at most RMB316!

(2)Paper wars lite
With consumption reaches RMB128, you could join the activity named “Paper wars lite”.Delicate gifts are prepared!

(3)Finger press rope skipping race
In one minute, the one who rope skipping the most time will be the winner.
Every participant could get a gift.

(4)Balloon battle
Two people blow each other’s balloons at the same time and who blow up the balloon first will get a gift.

Otherwise, during CityOn’s 100-day celebration
Fashion brands sales up to 50% off!
And food sales up to 70% off!

Alipay the anniversary celebration
Scan the following QR and thousands gifts are prepared for you.
(Limited number of donated stock lasts)

China Merchants Bank palm Life Carnival!
Foods up to 70%!
June 24th & June 25th
Visit CityOn and celebrate its 100hundredth day of grand opening and enjoy interesting activities as well as delicate gifts!