Is Zhengzhou a Modern City?

CityOn 2016-12-6

An Interview on the Zhengzhou Street
Zhengzhou seems not famous like Beijing, not fashion and prosperous like Shanghai, not passionate like Guangzhou, and not inclusive like Shenzhen.

Then, what does Zhengzhou have?

In recent years, Zhengzhou has been developing more and more rapidly with CBD built, Airport Economy Zone established. Andsubway from line 1 to 5 will connect most parts of Zhengzhou…

Fast-growing Zhengzhou seems to be morefashion and international. Then, why notuse MODERN to describe it? Do you think Zhengzhou has been a MODERN city?
By asking various Zhengzhou passers, CityOn conducted an interesting street interview in Zhengzhou to find out what Zhengzhou like in Zhengzhou people’s eyes.

A professionalwhite-collar lady: supporting facilities in Zhengzhou are not modern because parking during shopping is always hard.

A Family of three: lifestyle is not modernin Zhengzhou because great divergenceoccurs during family shopping; mom wants to buy cloth, while daddy hopes to look at technology products and child wants to play in the amusement park.

A young mom: service in Zhengzhou is not modern andshopping with little baby is very hard.

A fashion young lady: brands collectionin Zhengzhou is not modern because fashion brands are not enough and nowhere for trendsetters to have good shopping.

All this NOT MODERN life will be changed!
CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center will bring you a modern shopping experience and new lifestyle!

Female parking lot will satisfy every novice woman driver with 1.5 times width of the normal one; reverse parking will become so easy!

One-stop service and various trade mix together with fast fashion, restaurants, a cinema and exciting entertainment facilities, will meet all the family’s shopping demand.

Convenient mother and baby room will provide baby needs and warm space for mother to nurse her baby or change diapers for baby privately.

Featuring with international and local fashion labels, unique and first-to-market brands, CityOn will light up your fashion and life.

Watch the following video, and learn more about MODERN life!

More MODERN shopping experience is coming in CityOn. Zhengzhou Shopping Center!
In March, 2017, CityOn will bring you a modern Zhengzhou!
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