CityOn provides new“pet strollers " service !Pets could accompany you in the shopping center.


What? Pets could go shopping? Special strollers are designed for doggy? In CityOn, puppy and its owner now could go shopping together with specially prepared pet strollers.

Pets Fun Shopping Guide

Before shopping in the mall, please fasten buttons for the dog in the pet stroller or cover the lid of the pet stroller. After completing the above preparations, your pets could enter the shopping center.

Pets Stroller Use Notes

1. Always keep your pet in the pet stroller.
2. Pet strollers on loan could be used for free at 1F reception or 3F Member Center.
3. Prepare deposit of 200 RMB before rent the pet stroller; the deposit will be refund when you return the strollers.
4. No time limited for pet strollers rental in the same day.
5. For reservation, you could call our customer service telephone 0371-55570805.
6. No suitable stroller service will be offered for pets of the super large size for the time being.

It’s time to go shopping with your lovely pets in CityOn.