High-Quality Service Welcome Consumers in CityOn


Last week, CityOn launched VIP service to pet-lovers with pet pram renting service, which allowed consumers to shop with their pets.
Worth to mention, pet-pram renting is just one of the high-quality service CityOn innovated for local customers, more surprising service is here for your exploring.

1. Enquiry Service
Customer Service is set for shopping-guide and consulting.

2. Goods Deposit
The mall provides the goods deposit service for free, but valuable and dangerous goods and food should not be deposited here.

3. Free Water
There’s boiled water in the shopping center. 
You can drink it by taking your own cups or using the paper-cups the mall offered for free.

4. Charging Pal Nonce Lending
The mall offers the Power Bank for their customers for free.

5. First aid Box
Medicine is prepared here for urgent use, oral medicine is not included in this kind of service. 

6.Pram Lending

The customers can use baby carriage for free. Remarkably, it should be returned on that day.

7. Parent-child Toilet
The shopping center offers considerable & convenient service for the mothers with their kids.

8. Wheelchair Lending
The wheelchair can be used freely and it should be returned on that day.

9. Copy, Printing and Scanning Services
The mall has copy, printing and scanning services for its VIP members.

10. Female Parking
You can see the female-tailored parking area when you park your cars in CityOn. 
It is extremely convenient for ladies to park their cars in the room larger than the normal parking location.

The high-quality service is provided here for consumers at CityOn. Welcome to CityOn, a new international shopping center in Zheng Dong District.