Mini Theatre at CityOn Kicks Off!


September, fall semester is approaching.
Mini theatre with top-class artists and fantastic drama has been
 introduced into CityOn.
 Zhengzhou for the first time, aiming to provide
 you best experience of parent-kids activities.

CityOn Mini theatre compasses various stories and performance,
 including classic fairy tales, magic teaching, comic performances, 
game interaction and children’s dramas which will present audience 
an amazing feast of seeing and hearing .

The unveiling ceremony of mini theatre was launched on September 2nd, 
when the drama named Doctor Mao’s Lab made its debut and received
 dramatic welcome at CityOn.

CityOn Mini theatre will be a hot topic in Zhengzhou during the school-opening season.
Here is the detailed timetable for your reference.
5:00-6:00PM September 2nd,
 Dr. Mao’s Lab/, Hall F21, the first floor
5:00-6:00PM September 9th,
 A Spanish Athlete’s Scientific Show/, Hall F21, the first floor
5:00-6:00PM September 16th,
 The Three Swordsmen on Campus- The Mysterious Teacher/, Hall F21,the first floor
5:00-6:00PM September 23th,
 The Legend of a Whale-Hi-tech Hero/, Hall F21, the first floor

More breaking activities: making sliding plans,

 Huletang child actor school--3D Hitching Game,


scientific labs, 

wind-generated electricity, 

and making Sea Bottles