CityOn Ice Carnival | The most romantic palace is waiting for your visits


Still fascinated by the ice palace in Frozen?

 Now fans have opportunity to visit a real palace in 

Zhengzhou during November to December.

Ice carnival with pure European style starts Zhengzhou’s most romantic winter.

The lighting ceremony, held in November 24, is inviting 10 lucky families to 

enter this fairy world and experience all projects free of charge.

Now the application channel is officially open.

Lighting ceremony

Heart-warming Choir

Zhengzhou’s winter will be wakened from the warmth of this ode.

Gorgeous lighting

As the first group setting foot on the ice land,

10 families enjoy the privilege to experience all the projects free of charge.

Toast to the opening

CityOn also invites honored guests to join the opening of Ice Palace.

Time: 8:00 pm, November 24

Ice World

Into this magnificent ice palace, there is a crystal-clear and transparent world.

Please accept the blessing from this ice world, 

and we hope your love oath never expire here.

Ice World is open every weekend during November 25, 2017-December 31, 2017.

 Redeem a free ticket to the Ice World by the shopping receipt of ¥199.

Free VR

No matter what you are fond of, the fairy castle or the beautiful scenery,

the VR equipment will make you stand in the real Frozen scene 

and a 360-degree ice world 

will be displayed in front of you.

This free experience is available on every weekend 

during November 25, 2017-December 31,

and to customers having tickets to the Ice World.

Snow DIY

Turn the snowball into your favorite shape, Santa Claus, 

cute animals or little house, to satisfy your aspiration for this winter.

Snow DIY project is available on every weekend 

during November 25, 2017-December 31.

Every customer can experience this project once 

(only one child could be taken with one adult) 

on the ticket-issuing day.