“Thanks for Having You Around”, Said CityOn


In this prosperous city and bright shopping mall, 
you must have the most heart-warming company.
CityOn expects to witness the companionship and true feelings 
between you two on every festival.
And on this Thanksgiving day, CityOn bets you want to 
say “Thank you” with your most gratitude to your ... 

Thanks for bring me to this world.

Thanks for accompanying me every time when you are needed.

Beloved him/her
Thanks for weaving a beautiful life with me.

Thanks for giving me a sense of achievement of being your parent.

It is not enough to express our gratitude on one Thanksgiving Day,
 cause it has been a long time that we got together, and so many stories happened.
CityOn bets there are so many “thanks” waiting to be shouted
 out to appreciate the common life in this winter.
Thanks to the company and sharing around you, 
they make this winter as warm as spring.

Also, do not forget the splendid performances CityOn prepare,
European Ice Carnival & Lighting Ceremony for 
Ice Palace at 08:00 pm, November 24,
and Children Choir and Champagne Celebration are also 
expecting your witness for this CityOn Ice Carnival.