Big Cosplay Party! Come and Ignite Ice Palace by Your Dressing-up


Last week, the mysterious curtain of Ice Palace was finally revealed 
and overwhelmed by tremendous positive comments.
Many CityOn’s fans showed their strong anticipation of
 visiting Ice Palace even in this cold winter.

No matter if you are a new customer to Ice Palace, you will be totally 
surprised by its appearance every week.

This week, a big cosplay party is here waiting for your participation.
Both fairy princesses and super heroes can pass through a 
mysterious time tunnel and find their friends.

You can dress up as a cartoon character, ancient character or 
Santa Clause whatever as you like.
Believe me, you will not gonna be the only one to make snowballs, 
build snow castles, or explore the castle with VR in your Sunday best.

Time: November 2-November 3
Disguise as your favorite role, you can redeem a ticket 
to the Ice Palace free of charge!
Yes, all the projects inside Ice Palace and an interesting mini
 drama are free to you, the most creative coser.

Time: 05:00 PM, November 3
Place: Ice Palace in CityOn, Zhengzhou
How about those shy kids who hesitate to dress up before the public?
Do not worry.
The sweetest CityOn prepared another two ways to enter Ice Palace.
First, free ticket and free experience of all projects 
are available when the total purchase in CityOn is above ¥199.

Second, all the CityOn member could redeem a free ticket with
100 membership points. can freely enter and wander in the Ice Palace.

Isn’t that wonderful? Do not hesitate any more, and take action this weekend!
Make this weekend the best weekend you have ever spent with.
Experience the Ice Palace by yourself.