All the best wishes from CityOn stored in these three characters: CHUN XI YUAN


Chun: Spring in Chinese. Spring is a season when plants start to burgeon and grow.

Xi: Light in Chinese. When lights cast on the land, the world changes and develops.

Yuan: Origin in Chines. Origins decides all the success.

Via this shopping street, Chun Xi Yuan

 CityOn wishes your life would stay energetic, shining and fresh forever.

Visual shock in Chun Xi Yuan will give customers brand-new shopping experience.

Red pillars, peachblossom and Tang poems in the corridor add rich Chinese characteristics to Chun Xi Yuan.

CityOn is committed to creating a comfortable shopping environment for customers.

 Chun Xi Yuan is a place you will never regret visiting.

Come to visit Chun Xi Yuan, and give delights in your heart to be released in this coming spring in CityOn.