A Purple Winter at CityOn for Your Enjoyment.


A Purple Winter at CityOn for Your Enjoyment.

If you ask me what color the Year 2018 represents? I think it is purple.

Purple in your makeup and dressing up captures more attention. 

No matter which fashionable style you are in, add the color of 2018 to enjoy this unstoppable modern power.

No.1 Purple Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Purple contact lenses and purple eyelashes become the most recognizable symbols of your makeup.

Give up the ordinary contact lenses and try some new products at O-lens, 1F, CityOn and LOVE EYELASH, 4F, CityOn.

No.2 Purple Makeup

How about putting on a purple eye-shadow and add some wild flavor to your makeup?

Free makeup at SEPHORA, 1F, and Red Eartch, 1F, CityOn.

No.3 Purple Hair

Tired of changeless black hair and want to try some fashion color?

Select purple to bring this cold winter a glimmer of glitter at MMby Hair Code, 4F, CityOn

No.4 Purple Manicure

It is said that hand is women’s second face. Let’s make the second face shine with purple manicure at LOVE EYELASH, 4F, CityOn

No.5 Purple Dressing up

New collection in purple has arrived in CityOn.

Casual collection, fashion collection and lady collection are already in place.

Place: NICE CLAUP, 2F, CityOn

Only, 2F, CityOn 

No.6 Purple Home Clothes

ZARA HOME combines fashion and lifestyle to cater to your elegant life tastes.

Place: ZARA HOME, 1F, CityOn

No.7 Purple Technology

The best-looking laptops with purple light are waiting for your experience.

Place: Alienware, 3F, CityOn

Let’s feel the fashion trend and enjoy a purple feast at CityOn this weekend.