Tear tags off| Redefine your life in CityOn


A “Tear Off”party is going to be held on January 27 and January 28, in CityOn.

This party encourage consumers to define their life by themselves, not by anyone else’s point of view.

No.1 Contents

The first step: Throw away your bad moods

Tired of being remembered by your tags? But have no idea how to tear it off?

CityOn prepares you different kinds of tags, and you need to put it off from the wall and take a picture with it, then throw it away forever in the trash.

The second step: Self-define college

Boxers, cosplay fans, and wenyi youngsters are always defined as very unconventional groups.

CityOn provides a platform for these groups to show their inner heart and get more people to remove the prejudice against them.

Lab for boxing

Lab for girls’ dreams

Lab for loving post offices

No.2 Surprises

This party is jointly held by CityOn and Donggua Video.

The entire links will be transmitted live on Donggua Video.

Customers who absent this weekend can watch the onsite activities online.

Celebrities will be invited to host live shows on Donggua video.

Professional photography service will be free on the site, provided by Donggua Video, aiming to take a picture of you with a fresh look, without any tag.

No.3 Creative Presents

“Honey for Year 2018”with DIY wrapping gives your beloved ones a sweetest new year.

And more hand-made posters, calenders and coupons are waiting for your discovery.

No more tags, no more conventional impressions.

CityOn is ready for a new life without any tags. Come and join us.