The First National Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition Unveiled at CityOn(Zhengzhou)


On May 10, 2019, the first exhibition of the National Mall of the Dinosaur Dragon Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition jointly organized by CityOn (Zhengzhou) Shopping Center and Henan Geological Museum officially opened in Zhengzhou. The first dinosaur skeleton equipped with real fossils in the Henan Geological Museum, the Shijiagou Xianshan Dragon and the first galloping dragon in the Central Plains, Luanchuan Pirate Dragon, joined hands to show up. A true dinosaur fossil exhibition that has passed through 100 million years, a series of special activities and discounts will awaken the modern life experience for consumers.

There are four dinosaur fossils and models in this exhibition. The largest Shijiagou Xianshan dragon was found in Ruyang County, Henan Province. It is about 120 million years old. It is 15 meters long and 4 meters away from the ground. The Xianshan dragon fossil content is as high as 84%, which is the first dinosaur skeleton with real fossil racking in Henan Geological Museum. After this exhibition, the fossil will be replaced by a model exhibition, and the chance to see the true face of the fossil is only once.

Also exhibited together is the Luanchuan Raptor, the first galloping dragon in the Central Plains. It lived in the early Late Cretaceous period. It loves carnivorous animals. Lizards and mammals are collected in the stomach. Both legs and tail are slender. After recovery The body is about 2.6 meters long. It is worth mentioning that the Shijiagou Xianshan Dragon and Luanchuan Pirate Dragon were both found in Henan.

They even lived in the late Cretaceous period and were found in Shuang Madison, Montana, USA, about 83 million years ago to 74 million years ago. They were found in Arab, Canada and Montana, USA. The minor AFC Dragons of the Late Cretaceous period, about 75 million to 67 million years ago; are the first exhibitions in the national shopping malls, and they can be watched for free at the CityOn (Zhengzhou) shopping mall.