Happy New Year Fortune Comes along with Lion Dance The Opening of CityOn Zhenzhou’s 2021 New Year Carnival


Happy New Year Fortune Comes along with Lion Dance The Opening of CityOn Zhenzhou’s 2021 New Year Carnival China’s first 5G+XR Commercial Complex Welcome the New Year

On January16, 2021, the New Year carnival season of CityOn Zhengzhou with the theme of “HappyNew Year  Fortune Comes along with LionDance” officially kicked off. From January 16th to February 28th, an original NewYear IP exhibition with Chinese characteristics is presented with “Lion Dance”as the main element in CityOn. At the same time, a minimum of up to 30% off NewYear goods, exciting and colorful themed activities and unique membershipservices will witness the start of the New Year journey with consumers in 2021.As one of the blockbusters of this New Year’s carnival season, the first 5G+XRcommercial complex project in China, jointly conducted by CityOn and ZhengzhouMobile, has also been launched simultaneously, attracting tremendous attention.

At19:00 on the evening of January 16, in a creative performance combining traditionallion dance and trendy street dance, the New Year exhibition themed “Happy New Year  Fortune Comes along with Lion Dance” held byCityOn Zhengzhou was started under anticipation. The Chinese Character “狮来运转 (Shi Lai Yun Zhuan)” is the homophony of “时来运转(fortune comes)”. Combined with the traditional folkelement “Lion Dance”, it expresses good expectations for the New Year. Thewhole event was filled with New Year’s joyful atmosphere. The traditional NewYear elements seen everywhere feasted the eyes of the consumers at the scene.With the deepening of the activity, Mr. Liu Xiangdong, general manager ofCityOn Zhengzhou, the project leaders and the guests of the exhibition jointlybeat the Zhongzhou drum, and then lion dance symbolizing good wishes wasperformed again. It presented a visual ceremony with a national style foreveryone, and at the same time conveyed good wishes to consumers in Zhengzhou.Tenant representatives such as Wangfujing Department Store, G-Super, and Oscar Cinemawitnessed this unique opening ceremony with guests from Zhengzhou Mobile, localmainstream media and on-site customers.

ThisNew Year special exhibition will last from January 16, 2021 to February 28,2021. With traditional lion dance as the main element, three interactive scenesare specially created. The 4.7-meter-high “Lion Dance Stool Pile Exhibition”,the 4.2-meter-high “Good Luck Embroidered Ball Pillar” and the “New Year Marketwith National Style” have become masterpieces of traditional culture and modernfashion. As the most distinctive scene in the New Year, consumers who check inat the “Lion Dance Stool Pile Exhibition”, position CityOn and post on Tik TokZhengzhou will have the opportunity to get a cup of free drink from CityOn.More colorful activities will continue to be staged here. From January 16th toJanuary 31st, there will be the experience activities of “Spring Couplets DIY”in the Toot Science Laboratory and Eric’s “New Year Red Envelope DIY” everyweekend. On January 23, January 24, January 31, and February 27, the Chinoiserieshows will bring consumers a close experience of the infinite charm of Chinesetraditional culture. From February 4th to February 28th, the intangiblecultural heritage market incorporating Henan culture will be unveiled. FromFebruary 6th to February 7th, the New Year handicraft workshops will gatherhere. On February 12 and February 19, the lion dance will be performed again,bringing good luck to consumers.

To welcome the New Year in advance, theintelligent experience of advanced 5G technology has been launchedsimultaneously. From January 15th to February 28th, CityOn and Zhengzhou Mobileteam up to build China’s first 5G+XR commercial complex, realizing the fullcoverage of China Mobile’s 5G signal. 5G+XR smart interaction experience house inthe southeast round hall on the B1 floor allows consumers to feel the changes oftheir life brought about by science and technology first. During the event, if consumersfollow the service number CityOn Zhengzhou on WeChat, they can participate inthe fun interactive game-Scan the Code to Get Red Envelopes. The prizes include5 yuan or 10 yuan phone bill, 1G, 2G or 10G data, Oscar Cinema’s free movietickets, New Year lucky cards, etc.

Inorder to further enrich the consumer’s experience, CityOn Zhengzhou has alsoprepared a series of membership and promotional activities for consumers. FromJanuary 16th to February 17th, the members whose accumulated consumption pointsrank the top three will get coupons of 2021 yuan at most. From January 16th toFebruary 11th, a special spring couplet will be given for purchases over 399yuan. From February 12th to February 17th, one coupon of 50 yuan will be given tothe customers consuming over 500 yuan (available at designated customers). FromFebruary 12th to February 14th, consumers can use 2.14 yuan to snap up anexclusive Valentine’s Day gift certificate worth 100 yuan in the CityOn membershipmini program. From February 26th to February 28th, customers spending over 399yuan can participate in the Lantern Challenge and win surprise gifts. From nowuntil February 28, through the China Merchants Bank Pocket Life APP, people canuse 66 yuan to purchase catering vouchers worth 100 yuan or use 33 yuan for cateringvouchers valued at 50 yuan.

The various merchant brands in the CityOn havealso taken out exclusive surprises for the New Year. From January 10th toJanuary 31st, GCCCG & LWest present extra clothes worth200 yuan to consumers purchasing up to 200 yuan (specified style). From January12th to January 17th, GLORIA has 200 yuan reduction for all purchases of morethan 1,000 yuan. From January 15th to February 4th, the Ox Year’s free redenvelopes are for all consumption over 299 yuan in UR, free New Year’sdesignated gift boxes (valued at 139 yuan) for purchases over 599 yuan, andexquisite gift boxes (valued at 299 yuan) for purchases over 799 yuan. From nowon until January 28th, Polo Sports has a 30% discount on all costumes. Theinteractive exhibition Lego themed “Fighting to Celebrate the New Year” will bestaged in the Northwest hall on the first floor of CityOn from January 22 toJanuary 3.


    As thegrand opening of the CityOn Zhengzhou, the original exhibition themed “HappyNew Year  Fortune Comes along with LionDance” perfectly combines the tradition of the lion dance and the currentcommercial trend space, applies 5G smart technology of China Mobile and developbusiness with technology, creating the first 5G+XR commercial complex in Chinaand starting a trendy year with the Chinese characteristics for consumers inZhengzhou.