Double Seventh Festival, CityOn with ancient pavilion present the most beautiful dating place for couples


Qixi Valentine's Day is coming soon, most couples are searching for the most suitable place for dating in the city. In the past, roses and chocolates no longer have the newness and sincerity for love. CityOn (Zhengzhou) Shopping Center has a new idea for this year ’s Tanabata. The large-scale national style Tanabata theme event of "Xi Meng Le Wei Yang" shows pavilion to bring people in love at the most perfect place. Let customers to have romantic and the most affectionate experience.

"Xi Meng Le Wei Yang" to create the most beautiful ancient dating place in Double Seventh Festival

"Ximeng Leweiyang" is a combination of ancient style with the current trend . The whole event revolves around the "Dream Seeking Paradise" in the northwest hall of the mall. Chinese scenes such as Carved columns and columns, grille pavilions, winding flowers and birds, and bird roll piano show rich Chinese love atmosphere. The setting of interactive experiences such as "Lan Ye Bai Yue" and "Xi Meng Ting Scanning Code and Recalling Feelings" allow customers to experience the different feelings of Double Seventh Festival from multiple dimensions of vision and hearing.

Spread the voice for love, experience love classics through time and space

On the seventh day of August 7th, the "Dream Seeking Paradise" site will be set up with a "throw needle and check the skill" activity area. The customer throws the silver needle and receives the corresponding fortune sign for free according to the resulting projection. Love blessing. Members who spend over 277 yuan and earn points can participate in "Xiyin Wall" to post love postcards, or "machine tricks" to experience hand-weaving once. In the three periods of 11:00, 15:00, and 19:00, the park will also stage classic true love sitcoms on the theme of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian, Niu Lang and Weaver Girl The musicians in Chinese clothes played the Tanabata folk music concert, bringing customers a feast of Tanabata across the millennium.