Summer with beer and fun|A football journey is about to FUN!


2018’s summer is destined to be different because of the World Cup.
On the every night of this summer, football fans’ loyal friends must be beer and midnight snacks.
With the sound of cheering, CityOn also opens up a football journey every four year. 
Now CityOn invites all football fans to be on this journey and feel the authentic World Cup at CityOn. Zhengzhou.
Time: June 23-June 24
Add.: Northeast Hall, F1, CityOn
Let us check out what credible performances and games are well prepared.

Dance with bands and DJs
Metal and Rock&Roll complete the party! Let us shout the cheering for football!
Time: 06:00pm-07:40pm

Bartenders’ cheering with gentle and wild wine
Working flair and beer are the best companies on every night staying up and watching football.
Even in the deep silence of night, you are not alone to feel the combination of gentleness and wildness.
Time: 07:40pm-08:00pm

Rounds of interactive games to win World Cup presents

Prize-giving quiz
When did CityOn open?
What are beer brewed for?
As long as you give correct answers to these easy questions, presents will be yours.
Drinking competition
Build up your own team and send one to battle each round.
This is a competition requiring teamwork spirit.
The team using the least time to drink up the beer wins.

Lemon beer
Put lemon in the beer with mouth and finish off the beer.
The one using the least time wins.
Bend over and pass through the rod
Facing the sky, bend your wrist and legs, and pass through the rod lower and lower.
Much flexibility is required and big laughter for participants is also required.

Football tutoring
CityOn invites professional football coaches to deliver football skills.
Show your best skill and winner get a present, beer couples and customized key rings.

Share World Cup’s pleasure with families
Time: Every Saturday and Sunday during June 23 to July 15
Add.: Connected corridor, F1, CityOn
3D football jigsaws
Table football
Score one on one shot