Jian Zheng Magazine Culture&Art Exhibition|Define a New Zhengzhou Here


An extraordinary feast of seeing, an artistic experience full of surprises, this is Jian Zheng.

Not only a fashion and cool place to visit, this exhibition is a key to art.
Cultural and spiritual enlightenment will be spread across Zhengzhou city.

Center in the Art Storm
An unprecedented exhibition telling the stories happened in modern Zhengzhou.

Jian Zheng made the biggest art news in July that the cooperation between Jian Ye, Zhengzhou Talk and CityOn. Zhengzhou officially began.

Let us retrospect the history of Zhengzhou and look ahead.

It has only several months that innumerable visitors had satisfied their curiosity, and witnessed the charming of art here.
A different art summer is designed to last long in people’s mind this year and forever.
Add.: CityOn. Zhengzhou
Time: July 21-July 29
Form: Free of charge

A Gathering of Literature Talents
Also this exhibition is the most signification one in Zhengzhou.
Readers feel the temperature of two magazines, as well as of their city, Zhengzhou.
Meanwhile, the value of paper-based media and reading will be found.
And the ultimate meaning of humanistic art and urban aesthetic fashion will be revealed.
A discussion on culture will be undertaken.