0℃ Romance| Farewell, summer.


CityOn’s summer tells lovely stories of ice products

High temperature soars that everyone seems suffer from lack of appetite.
How to activate the taste bud? CityOn knows the secret, ice products.

No matter which food you prefer, dessert, fruit or the both,
 customers may find their favorite ice product at CityOn.
Let the sweetness of ice products linger forever in your mind. 

Hui Lau Shan

Mango Chewy Ball
Little chewy balls match with sweet mango
Sorbet at the bottom tastes refreshing and creamy 

Mango Sago
Like sweet couples, juicy mango and sago match perfectly.
This combination is not only creating a chewy dimension, but also a unique and wonderful mango dessert experiences. 

Egg Puff Ice Cream Cone

Mai Chi Ling Milk Tea
What will happen when egg puff meets with ice cream?
Egg puffs are freshly made every day to guarantee its fresh taste.

Hot puff matches cold ice cream to put foodies in the world of fire and ice at the same time.


Chocolate Ice Cream
Frozenyo uses HERSHEY'S chocolate with fresh milk to create fine taste.
The flavor of chocolate spreads slowly in your mouth.