Waiting for your discovery in the delicious world hidden in CityOn


Only love and food could bring us the sheer joy.
December months begins when the Christmas atmosphere is covering this city.
As a foodie, where do you taste delicious food at Christmas?
Now there are 7 restaurants hidden at CityOn to create a cuisine world.

No. 1 Basi Bullfrog Hotpot

A trending restaurant online, selling mouth-watering bullfrog Pot.
Not only having a good dining environment, Basi also wins customers with nice flavors.
Spicy Bullfrog Hotpot

Bullfrog stir-fried with special sauce,
the triple feast of seeing, tasting and hearing

No. 2 Shenquan Menguan

A perfect winter diet
The soup has a strong flavor and provides much nutrition.
Stewed Soup

A creamy and delicious soup
Let crispy and delicious spareribs melt at the mouth, full of protein and collagen.

No. 3 Guoguo Mutton Soup Restaurant

Guoguo spareribs
Stir-fried spareribs are crispy but tastes very tender inside.
Fat but not greasy, lean meat and fat match perfectly.

No. 4 CHAO A NIU Beef Hotpot

Fresh bone soup after 4-6 hours of careful stewing, soup base is clear but not greasy.
Fresh and tender tastes presented with the beef carefully cut into nine parts.

No. 5 HUA QIAN DAI Grilled Fish

German-made oven does not spoil the freshness and nutrition of fish,
It helps reach the ultimate taste of grilled fish, satisfy your picky tastes.

No. 6 So We New Hotpot

Pork tripe with chicken 

Pork tripe is crispy, chicken is tender and delicious
The sweetness of fresh beef, the spice of pepper and the delicacy of chicken
merge a spoon of warm soup that flows down the esophagus to the stomach


Chongqing Tofu Grilled Fish

Fresh and tender fish match with silky tofu
Every bite is a delicious temptation

Grilled Fish with Fresh Green Pepper

Combination of fresh pepper, green chili and hot pepper is the favorite of foodie loving spicy food.

7 restaurants jointly offer a feast during this Christmas season, and the happiness is spreading through the air to customers.
Gourmets gather at CityOn to become the most beautiful scenery in this gourmet world