New Shops at CityOn| Mo Jing Japanese Food now offers limited coupons

CityOn August 15, 2019

Talking about ritual sense of delicious food, it's not just the beat of the senses, the pleasure of the taste buds, it’s behind the wonderful feeling of food.
This is the essence of delicious food.

Mo Jing Japanese Food

Add.: L4 CityOn, Zhengzhou

Shop with strong Japanese style

Beautiful girls in kimono.

The Moda in the window is charmingly naive.

Walking into the shop, you can see the window full of garage kits in different shapes.

And the tables, chairs at shop, made of woods, make people happy! Every corner in here is carefully decorated.

Raw beef sushi

Raw beef sushi, the beef baked by high-temperature fire. Brush sauce to emit attractive fragrance!

Lobster & Salmon

Impressive appearance attract people to have a try.

Salmon Set Menu

Italian Arctic shellfish, sweet shrimp, salmon... fresh and thick, unique flavor.

Beef Hamburger

Beef hamburger with an egg on the top sliding to the bottom, and with another thick sauce, customers will take two flavors at the same time.

Stewed Hotpot

It is cooked by pig bones, chicken feet, old hens and other ingredients in gentle fire for 8 hours.