Sephora Promotion | Get the same fragrance with Yiyang Qianxi now!

CityOn August 7, 2020

In this hot summer, let us temporarily forget about the troubles in life and follow the fragrance in the air to CityOn to enjoy a summer party together



Happy Chinese Valentine's Day Special Event-"CityOn Beauty Evolution" Season 2

Sephora Tanabata Perfume Limited Time Huge Benefits

Promotion time: August 8-August 9

For perfume shopping: buy 1 piece to enjoy a 10% discount, purchase 2 to enjoy a 20% discount, and purchase 3 to enjoy a 30% discount

G-Super Greenland 6th Anniversary Celebration

Pay more than ¥168 can get a ¥60 coupon; discount period: August 4th-August 12th

A ¥30 coupon can be used for purchases over ¥199; Promotion period: August 13th-August 17th

PROMESSA wedding custom shop opened in CityOn( Zhengzhou)