Yes,I Do! Watch A Movie For Free? A Perfect Choice For Date!

CityOn October 22, 2020

Modern Dating Instructions

Winter is coming, and everybody wants to fall in love.

Not only a coat can keep you warm, but sweet sweet love.

You are only one step away from finding your true love!





To celebrate the 1st  anniversary of Oscar Cinemas CINITY Room

Free chance to watch Sacrifice is offered now. It will be shown at 10:30 Oct 25 in CINITY Room.

Activity 1:

Get Free Vouchers of¥58 worth

Activity 2:

Limited Coupons To Offer

Activity 3:

Hashtag #1st year with CINITY, Share Your Story With Us.




No. 2

New Stores Of Longiness And Tissot Are Launched

Presenting the latest style in autumn

A pair of classic watches can record a loving memory

Different chic looks with one classic watch

Experience this romantic moment together


 The Grand Opening Longiness s New Store


The Grand Opening Tissot’ s New Store



Chow Sang Sang Romance Exhibition

Balloons Help To Create Romantic Atmosphere

We all need a little bit of sweetness to nourish a sweet life

From today to Oct 25

Lounge in 1L

Chow Sang Sang Promessa marriage-themed exhibition

Spare no effort for a loving date