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CityOn October 5, 2020

CityOn Evolution Session 3

Happy Family Time  A Free Tour Of Enjoyment

Feel the heat of national holidays

3 days left to play

Whats your plan?

Why not start your happy tour in CityOn

With our lucky fans

Stop 1 Equip Yourself With New Clothes

Matching Clothes

Make a family full of love

New arrivals are released in Uniqlo

Let's come in and buy yours


Stop 2  Enjoy Play Time

After getting new outfits

It comes to our favorite event!

NaughtyKids Amusement Park

Chenbao is rushing all the way

Holding Moms hand


Stop 3  Movie Time

China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival was held in Zhengzhou this year.

You cant miss it!

Special Exhibition is held here in CityOn

Dont forget to leave your footprints with your baby

Stop 4  Yummy Time

A feast is a good ending of a day

The joy of eating meat can only be experienced

In Barbecue  


The Grand Opening of Porsche Exhibition Zhengzhou

Parent Or Child, Everyone Can Be A Porsche Racer

Porsche Exhibition Zhengzhou

Is held here in CityOn

From Oct 1 to Oct 10


CityOn Selected Products Only For Babies